Rotavirus Vaccine is very important vaccine in child. which prevent infection of Rotavirus disease & also prevent hospitalization. you can protect your baby through ORAL ROTAVIRUS VACCINE which start at 6 wks of age. All vaccine available at SPARSH HOSPITAL.

Pneumococcal Vaccine are very safe & effective for preventing Pneumococcal disease, (Including Sepsis,Meningitis,Bacteraemia,Pneumonia &Acute Otitis media). start at 6 wks of age & can be given up to 5 yr of age, if not given earlier.

Most Cervical cancer are associated with human papilloma virus(HPV), In woman most common cancer are Breast cancer and Cervical cancer, HPV Vaccine protect against CERVICAL CANCER & Genital Warts Only Vaccine available against cancer in India is cervical cancer vaccine. given after 9 yrs of age. Best HPV Vaccine available at SPARSH CHILDREN HOSPITAL.